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Impact of PCIs interconnection levels

On a single electricity market for Europe

In the second of Mainstream Renewable Power’s opinion pieces for 2015, Eddie O’Connor sets out the need for the European Union to move swiftly to the delivery of a single electricity market as the foundation of its 2030 climate and energy package.

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Why gas is not the solution to Europe’s energy security challenges

The events in Crimea and the Ukraine in recent weeks have thrown Europe’s dependency on Russian oil and gas into sharp relief. Although regrettable, the turmoil has come at as good a time as any. Europe is in the midst of hashing out a comprehensive climate and energy policy framework out to 2030. This framework […]

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How competitive is wind energy compared to the others?

You all have heard it said that wind energy needs subsidies to compete with other forms of electricity generation.  We have often written on this subject before, and it seems appropriate to restate the arguments.

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The truth about wind power

Some recent press coverage on wind turbines calls for correction of the mis-statements made in these articles.

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Grid parity and solar PV

In my last blog we explored the question about grid parity for wind power.  As the question seems to have been invented by consultants for solar PV, we deal with it here.

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How cheap is new wind energy?

It seems to be a fashionable question to ask these days:  “when will renewable energy reach grid parity?” (Q1)

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Wind as a continental phenomenon: the need for a single electricity market in Europe

Why treating wind energy as a national – and not a continental – resource limits its effectiveness and opens the door to critics of the technology.

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Thriving on controversy

Mr Booker wrote a mighty long article in the Daily Mail on February 28th. The subject was wind energy and how inefficient it was. One of the big questions has to be “why was Mr. Booker given so much space in a daily paper?” Mr Booker’s record gives a clue as to why he should […]

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Supergrid: Why it is not a series of point to point connections

The original high voltage direct current (HVDC) cables and transformation stations were national grid to other national grid connections. The HVDC arrangements were invented by the entrepreneurial ASEA company to carry Scandinavian hydroelectricity from where it was generated to where it could be consumed by customers. The HVDC link presupposed that the structure of the […]

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Supergrid – turning wind into firm power

It is a while since we wrote about the European Supergrid.  This is one fault that can be corrected today.

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