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Impact of PCIs interconnection levels

On a single electricity market for Europe

In the second of Mainstream Renewable Power’s opinion pieces for 2015, Eddie O’Connor sets out the need for the European Union to move swiftly to the delivery of a single electricity market as the foundation of its 2030 climate and energy package.

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How competitive is wind energy compared to the others?

You all have heard it said that wind energy needs subsidies to compete with other forms of electricity generation.  We have often written on this subject before, and it seems appropriate to restate the arguments.

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The truth about wind power

Some recent press coverage on wind turbines calls for correction of the mis-statements made in these articles.

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Energy Bridge and employment: Renewable energy for GDP growth:

Much talk has been engaged in concerning the employment impact of the transition to renewables.  We here in these two large islands have not been particularly successful in translating wind initiatives into manufacturing employment.  We persisted with competitive systems until 2004 while Germany, Denmark and Spain went with the fixed price feed in tarrif (refit) […]

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Electricity Market Reform draft legislation needs strengthening

The Electricity Market Reform (EMR) process is designed to prepare the UK Electricity Market for a shift to Low Carbon generation and in the process correct certain failings in the current renewable support schemes. It is continuing the liberalisation process started in the 1980s with the privatisation of the electricity utilities.   It seeks to encourage […]

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Grid parity and solar PV

In my last blog we explored the question about grid parity for wind power.  As the question seems to have been invented by consultants for solar PV, we deal with it here.

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How cheap is new wind energy?

It seems to be a fashionable question to ask these days:  “when will renewable energy reach grid parity?” (Q1)

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Wind as a continental phenomenon: the need for a single electricity market in Europe

Why treating wind energy as a national – and not a continental – resource limits its effectiveness and opens the door to critics of the technology.

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Subsidies! What’s in the best interest of the consumer?

Energy subsidies always court controversy. The anti-renewables lobby never misses an opportunity to point at the $66 billion spent on renewable energy subsidies globally in 2010. In this blog I will look at the bigger picture and examine two very different types of support mechanisms for renewables and give you my view on which is […]

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Creative Energy policy formulation

It is hereby accepted that for fossil price, environmental and availability of sustainable sources of power, that it would be desirable to make the transition to sustainability.

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