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Shell’s proposal to exploit Arctic oil

The FT this week reported that Shell had run into difficulty drilling for oil in the Arctic.  My initial thoughts about this were largely driven by feelings of hopelessness about the future of the global atmosphere.  The only reason why Shell can drill in the Arctic is because of their and other’s explosive release of […]

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Companies don’t innovate. People who work there do.

The purpose of business is to sell products or services to paying customers at profit.  For a business to be sustainable over time, account has to be taken of the three huge forces namely, technology induced change, competition and environmental degradation.  The only way for a business to remain alive, never mind to grow, is […]

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Has Eon shown the world the future?

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Secular stagnation – how renewable energy can help South Africa break free

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Creating a carbon free energy world

A call for leadership on carbon abatement at COP21

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The CO2 content of our atmosphere is at its highest point for 4 million years. Is this a coincidence?

It is surprising how many politicians seem to place gas, in particular shale gas,  in the same category as wind and solar for the purpose of  renewable electricity  generation.

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The truth about wind power

Some recent press coverage on wind turbines calls for correction of the mis-statements made in these articles.

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Irish Presidency of the EU and Climate Change

As is pointed out by Frank mc Donald in an article in today’s Irish Times, carbon dioxide concentration in the Earth’s atmosphere is at its highest for 3 million years.  They stand at 400 parts per million by volume (PPMv) I have seen no research on what atmospheric conditions are needed for the human species […]

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Grid parity and solar PV

In my last blog we explored the question about grid parity for wind power.  As the question seems to have been invented by consultants for solar PV, we deal with it here.

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The most effective support mechanism

Support mechanisms for renewables are crucial for successful deployment. They come in all shapes and sizes.  The most common ones are:

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