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Leadership in Agriculture: Personal Journey

Speech below presented to the Nuffield Scholars at the Nuffield Ireland Autumn Conference in Mount Wolseley, Co. Carlow on Friday 08 November 2013.

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More on carbon capture and storage

It is always useful to review options when new evidence presents itself. This is particularly true in energy where the commercial options are so few.

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Lord Stern’s speech

Lord Stern’s speech in Shanghai was significant for several reasons. It continued the theme he outlined in his extort report on the subject of committing a sustained percentage of GDP to reducing CO2 emissions. He quantified what China had to do in terms of tonnage of CO2 that it had to reduce on the glide […]

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Why South Africa should be investing in renewable energy

As South Africa looks to renew its energy sector, comparisons are often made of how much one source of electricity costs versus another. Carrying out this exercise is much more difficult than might at first appear, but this must not deter the attempt. What are the problems encountered when comparing renewable sources such as wind […]

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The world is on a once off transition to sustainability. I often ask myself the question: what does sustainability mean? For me it is ultimately about humans being able to grow, thrive and ultimately leave Earth to colonise elsewhere. It is about civilization and its ongoing ability to provide a societal mode of behaviour based […]

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Wind: The cheapest solution for electricity generation in South Africa

Continuation of the theme that wind and other renewable power sources reduce the cost of providing an electricity service.

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Those who live in Glasshouses…

An article appeared on the Financial Times on Thursday 7th January. It argues that nuclear is the cheapest low carbon electricity source. The article was written by Vincent de Rivaz, CEO of the French owned EDF energy, which plans to build at least four new reactors in Britain at a cost of around £20 billion. […]

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It’s very appropriate to review where we are on human induced global warming now. We happen to be in the immediate period before the summit at Copenhagen where decisions are going to be made about a successor to the Kyoto Treaty.

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Why the Lisbon Treaty?

In the second last blog we showed how the expectations of populations differed according to their size. In bigger populations the people expect their public representatives to deliver on policy issues whereas in small populations like Ireland there is a higher emphasis on service to the voter.

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