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‘Change is Coming’ – Speech at the Bristol Green Capital Summit

I’ve been in the renewables business now for almost 20 years now and I’ve been fortunate to work with the very best in the industry.  One of these being Andrew Garrad who has in fact worked in the industry longer than me, a career spanning over 30 years.  We have become allies within the industry and our […]

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The world is on a once off transition to sustainability. I often ask myself the question: what does sustainability mean? For me it is ultimately about humans being able to grow, thrive and ultimately leave Earth to colonise elsewhere. It is about civilization and its ongoing ability to provide a societal mode of behaviour based […]

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Why Renewable Energy Feed In Tariffs (REFITS) pay for themselves from Year 1.

We pointed out in the last few blogs that Feed In Tariffs were the surest way to get a new technology like wind energy deployed into a conservative sector like electricity.  In simple terms the risk for the developer is greatly reduced.

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Risk reducing aspects of wind energy

Why the risk reducing aspects of wind energy are not more widely appreciated. The electricity industry is a rum industry (to use an old fashioned adjective). It is the only one I know where an important, even dominant, risk as we understand it in business is mitigated by the electricity regulatory and competitive system.

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Examination of the US Renewable Energy market

Well folks, I have been out of the country on a world tour for the last four weeks, I welcome this opportunity to catch up on the latest big issues.

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Carbon Capture and Storage

I read that Ernst & Young have brought out a carbon capture attractiveness storage index. I am surprised that a firm of its eminence (they are the auditors to Mainstream Renewable Power) would dignify carbon capture and storage with an “attractiveness index”.

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Why the Lisbon Treaty?

In the second last blog we showed how the expectations of populations differed according to their size. In bigger populations the people expect their public representatives to deliver on policy issues whereas in small populations like Ireland there is a higher emphasis on service to the voter.

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Parochialism Vs the pan-European good

Over the next few blogs it will be my intention to deal with the issues of democracy in general and as it is applied in Europe, with world competitiveness in the context of the major world federations i.e. China, India, United States and Europe.  We will do all this in the context of the biggest […]

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Global Warming Revisited

Over the past number of years we have seen examples of where numerous self interests have cast aspersions on the science of global warming.

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