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Why the Lisbon Treaty?

In the second last blog we showed how the expectations of populations differed according to their size. In bigger populations the people expect their public representatives to deliver on policy issues whereas in small populations like Ireland there is a higher emphasis on service to the voter.

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Parochialism Vs the pan-European good

Over the next few blogs it will be my intention to deal with the issues of democracy in general and as it is applied in Europe, with world competitiveness in the context of the major world federations i.e. China, India, United States and Europe.  We will do all this in the context of the biggest […]

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Europe as a civilizing influence

In the last couple of blogs we talked about Europe.  We made the point that being in Europe allowed us all to have greater personal wealth, to have more choice in the products we buy, to have more personal freedom in our lives.  This, all in addition to the removal of the threat of war.

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