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Reducing cost of offshore wind in the UK

There are two strategies for reducing the cost of offshore wind in the UK.  Easy to state and, in fact, easy to implement.  They are:

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Why Renewable Energy Feed In Tariffs (REFITS) pay for themselves from Year 1.

We pointed out in the last few blogs that Feed In Tariffs were the surest way to get a new technology like wind energy deployed into a conservative sector like electricity.  In simple terms the risk for the developer is greatly reduced.

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Risk reducing aspects of wind energy

Why the risk reducing aspects of wind energy are not more widely appreciated. The electricity industry is a rum industry (to use an old fashioned adjective). It is the only one I know where an important, even dominant, risk as we understand it in business is mitigated by the electricity regulatory and competitive system.

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Examination of the US Renewable Energy market

Well folks, I have been out of the country on a world tour for the last four weeks, I welcome this opportunity to catch up on the latest big issues.

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